Author Description
Shaheed: the making of a suicide bomber. Documentary. By Setton, Dan; Paran, Daniel; Penny, Malcom

Distributed by Direct Cinema Ltd., 1998.

"Shaheed probes the minds of suicide bombers who spearheaded the psychological war of terror in the Middle East. The film examines the reasons why young men justify sacrificing their lives to become human bombs. The quest to become "Shaheed," or in English, "holy martyr" is analyzed in rare, intmate interviews with these men"
States of Terror Documentary. By Tyler, Peter.

Distributed by BBC., 1995.

First-rate BBC documentary about various terrorist groups around the world. One hour-long section is devoted to Silke Maier-Witt, who joined the Red Army Faction in the mid-seventies, and spent the entire 1980s being hidden by the Stasi in the former GDR (East Germany).
The Terrorist Fiction. Directed by Santosh Sivan.

Distributed by Phaedra Cinema, 1999.

In Tamil with English subtitles.

Malli is a freedom fighter for an unspecified cause, and has been chosen to be a human bomb in a suicide mission to assassinate a VIP. She makes her preparations for the mission, traveling through dangerous countryside, going undercover as a student, and contemplating her fate. As the time approaches, it is her spiritual and psychological journey that becomes primary. She thinks of a young activist who died for the cause, of her dead brother, and of a comatose farmer's wife she has encountered.
Hunting Bin Laden Documentary. By Smith, Martin and Bergman, Lowell.

PBS Video, Frontline Series. 2000.

On Friday, August 7, 1998, two cars exploded simultaneously at United States embassies in Africa, killing 268 people and injuring more than 5,000. The accused mastermind of the bombings was named immediately: Osama bin Laden, an exiled Saudi millionaire. This program investigates bin Laden, his followers, and the Africa bombings.
Behind the mask: the IRA and Sinn Fein Documentary. By Taylor, Peter; Lyman, Will.

PBS Video, Frontline Series. 1997

Tells the story of the Irish Republican Army and its political wing Sinn Fein. Includes America's role in this struggle with Britain.
Looking for Answers Documentary. Anchored by Bill Moyers.

PBS Video, Frontline Series. 2001

The Attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was not only the most devastating terrorist attack in history, it was also the biggest failure of U.S. intelligence since Pearl Harbor. FRONTLINE correspondent Lowell Bergman investigates why the CIA and the FBI failed to uncover the hijackers' dramatic plot to strike at the heart of the U.S. government and its economy.