Overview of the Enemy

Staff Statement No. 15

Wesleyan's Resources on the WTC Terrorist Attacks Articles by Wesleyan faculty, US and international news sources, general internet sources on the September 11 attacks, opinions and analyses. 
US Department of State - Counterterrorism Patterns of global terrorism reports, fact sheets, press releases, profiles on Foreign Terrorist Organizations, Significant Incidents of Political Violence Against Americans reports.
Center for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at University of St Andrews Selected articles on terrorism, links to sites on terrorism.
Naval Postgraduate School Terrorist group profiles, Previous "Patterns of Global Terrorism" reports, chronologies of Significant Terrorist Incidents 1993-2000.
Federation of American Scientists A lengthy profile of terrorist groups
Federation of American Scientist Terrorism Resources Previous issues of "Patterns of Global Terrorism" (1989-2000), various other links
CIA  International terrorism reports, terrorism statistics, factbook.
The International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism Links, academic articles, counter-terrorism legislation, terrorist organization profiles.
Pan Am 103/Lockerbie page Trial, statistics, news archive.
University of Richmond Terrorism Resources Information on terrorist attacks.
Illinois Institute of Technology Terrorism Resources Comprehensive and up-to-date site containing terrorism reports, analyses as well as links to other sources.
Vanderbilt University Terrorism Resources Government documents and information related to terrorist attacks on the US.
The Terrorism Research Center Profiles of terrorist organizations and counterterrorism groups, documents, references, analyses, Information Warfare Research Center.
http://www.terrorismanswers.com/home/ Council on Foreign Relations
www.mipt.org. Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism